x con daddy

December 7, 2011 at 11:42 pm 1 comment

This is what it is people ..  I was let out of the pen January 10th bound and determined not to go back not to mess up with selling drugs and doing them as well .. I had wrote a book and parts of that book are on this djmiller878.wordpress.com but since I can not remember the password lol I have to make a new blog for parts of my new book and what is going on with me now.

I live with the woman I married and in part one it speaks all about the trials and such to make it to our home which we live in now..

We have a 3 year old who is my step daughter who I love with all my heart.. All this is just catch up to my old blog and any of my readers from b4 which are my facebook pals will be like ok i know all this so get on with the new ..

so here is the new all these blogs weather they are poems or journal entries which most will be are about me right now.. like I said b4 I am an X con and now I am a step father, I never dealt with the things I have to now so I am like wtf half the time and the other half my heart is melted butter over all this fun. So I hope  you enjoy an X con daddy..!! 


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