December 7 My life and my wisdom

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011
So this is my first entry into my new journal slash book.. I never know what to think. my first book I was not moved in with my wife Cara now I am .Love it ! Things happen you know and that is what makes this book so gosh darn fun .. Look I am an x drug dealer and user. I have beat up a lot of puddy and done crazy things.
Well that sent me to gosh darn prison .. In my last book which you can get a peek of at I was getting out the pen and going nuts.. then I met care bear AKA Cara.. I love that girl well this is what is going on after we moved in with each other and yes we are married under the eyes of YAWAEH.. any way this is my first entry in my journal which is my book .. WOO HOO BITCHES
*********************************************************************12/08/11 08:59 AM
As I sit on my computer my wonderful wife is behind me sleeping.. She and I have a job delivering papers. Well she does I just will help her when the time comes I can not do it now because she just started.. The thing is my poor Cara has to wake up super early she has to be to work by 2:30 am. And she hates getting up early poor thing.. But now that she and I have work and Christmas is SAVED we have been getting along really good… I am very excited about the holidays now because now I have a reason to love the holidays not that I did not before with my family but now I am not a screw up and I love life and life has meaning its not just about getting a buzz on.. But I get to experience the joy of a child on x-mass…
I also got a desk top computer so I can finally get online again and look for work.. I am wanting to find a job online where I can work from home I think that would be a step in the right direction
Looking back at my old book thinking of the thoughts that ran through my head and my feelings now its crazy to see how fast things change.. I was so worried about moving into the town home which I am living here now ..
The most important thing though is seeing how my faith in JAH brought me here.. And how he gave me the wisdom to make the choices I have been making I am not perfect by any means but I can sure say this my choices are not made ignorantly and as selfish as they used to be .. Some are still selfish and I do run my mouth at times I should shut up..
But in time those things will change ..
I can’t wait to see what my new adventure we call life has in store for me ..
I just must not lose faith in the all mighty JAH


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