December 12th

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The way I was feeling yesterday

Monday, December 12, 2011

I was foolish today by getting angry.. Anger is very foolish and ignorant . but it is an emotion that when it creeps up on you it is very hard to get under wraps . Why is that ?
I do not like being mean and when I am angry I become very mean I really hate that.. It just is not who I want to be .. I got a book on positive living. I just hope that I am not one of those people it talks about needing medications. I do have ADHD but I still think with enough faith I can control that without MEDS plus those MEDS I do not like the way they make me feel.
Why do they not cure anything anymore .. They just want to treat it.. Money that is why pure greed ..
i don’t know I just want to be a good positive person.. i do not enjoy being foolish.
Our job is working out okay so far we have to do a whole route today no big deal .. I will just hit the methadone clinic a lil later no problem for me I am fine with that..
Well I guess i am gonna hit the bed ..


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Heroin ?

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