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I just want to say this  I found in JAMES chapter 1 it says listen my friends everyone must be quick to listen, slow to speak ,and slow to become angry.. If you been reading any of my writings lately I been wanting to stop being irritable and angry.. I am a mystic I dig deeper than the average ” christian ” to seek the face of JAH .. but I am no holy roller I am no trying to convert anyone.. RASTA is a levity that has many believes one RASTA may argue with another cause their thoughts are so different. But we all know that the bible is powerful.. The Psalms are known to make things happen when chanted.. While in meditation or being alone with the most high in prayer or whatever speaking a part of the bible out loud that has something to do with you or your life brings about things.. You do not have to believe me  I CARE NOT I AM A STRONG MAN OF THE WORD ..  

Anyway I spoke that chapter out loud in prayer.. and while delivering papers this morning I became angry not one time .. JAH gave me the tools to deal with my problems.. The bible is very powerful you just have to truly understand that. Your prayers and meditation have to be from the heart.. their is no one that can teach you any of that you have to want it.. You can’t want it for materialistic reasons.. I want to be a good person. I want to be close to YAH .. JAH is in everything so when I can get my vibes in tune with that spirit inside me I can be in tune with everything.. 

There are many forms of the KINGDOM OF JAH one is your mind-frame..  Your higher-self.. That is a gift from JAH above ..  have learned a great deal just from my deep thought patterns some call it meditation as well as i .. But it is not the kind u would think of .. it is different from the ZEN form.. It is just deep repetitive thought.. It brings about things for me that I can not speak of it differs from person to person..

Before I wrap this up silence is a part of my meditation..  Silence is of JAH .. Alone, silent , and with our hearts open you can here the voice of Jesus speaking to you .. It is Jesus speaking he is the word everything he says is of JAH and JAH uses him to speak to us .. Jesus is of the substance of JAH but he is not the substance of JAH .. Jesus is our king .. When he returns and sits on the throne of Kind David we will bow to him.. He is so much greater than man but not equal to JAH ..He is our way to JAH he has been there with Adam and eve and so forth he is the word.. And he was there from the beginning So my friends be silent listen to his voice.. You may learn something !!! 


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December 12th

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