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There is tons of stuff turning in my mind everyday.. Like little debates going on.. I need to blog more I need to study the texts of JAH more, This and that that and this.. and I get ate up over things.. I really want to blog more but I have writers block since I finished my book on my thoughts. Now that I am not going nuts and I am all settled in there is just not that much to write about..I do get frustrated at my wife because AI need some affection. NOT SEX .. Affection.. i just want to be held or hear I love you outta no where .. I did 4years in the pen so let me just say this.. You miss touch.. I might sound like a woman but every damn one of us wants to feel loved and special and I know my wife feels love..

I also think that things happen and you have to react to them in a civil manner.. It is almost like God testing you.. I think the stuff just happens but the holy spirit is keeping a close eye on you to see how you react.. 

Another thing I struggle with is my reading.. I read great it is that because of my methadone the words get blurry lol.. I just wish my attention span was bigger.. I would like to read more fiction too..

My main interest is JAH.. I am far from a christian but I do believe in their theological aspects .. I do not like to be classified christian because their ways of doing things and the trinity part of their belief is ridiculous .. They act like they are in a fantasy world.. They say oo this is great and that is great oo I love everyone.. When in reality they are the most unhappy phony group of worshipers.. Their faith is small .. They hate people with no basis other than what they hear.. Now this is not all of them but you know its true.. I do not like Christians very much at all.. Or let me rephrase that .. I do not like Church goers that live up to the stereotype they have.. fake fake fake .. I know I am being like them by judging but really i am saying what I see..

The church now days is like the temple Jesus destroyed .. Most are more worried about tithes than lives.. And the focus too much on the death and resurrection.. Look ppl Jesus taught for 21 years if the death and all was the mostly important, JAH would have cut his teaching time down some .. I feel bad but I want ppl that would like to come to JAH know there is other ways than the church…

ok ok enough about that.. I do love ppl and I do not think that “Church goers”  are doomed I think they just need to search on their own and they would be surprised that they were lied too 





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