Great Day

January 4, 2012 at 8:03 pm Leave a comment

I wrote this thing yesterday and forgot to post it …

Well I had a wonderful day today with Cara and Lydiah doing the simplest things… we took a walk around Westminster kinda through some woods .. Lydiah was collecting rocks and I was taking pictures have a great time .. Than James fell off his bike and hurt his knee James is Care Bears brother .. We were walking near the train tracks I was looking for wood peckers but I was thinking how much a this day meant to me .. When I was helping Lydiah cross this stream and I seen the look in my wife’s eyes that look of thank you for loving us look.. The look that I love … And Lydiah trusts me and loves me to death I swear that lil one touches my heart … I had never met a kid so damn smart at such a young age and I am not being one sided thing is you can talk to her like an adult and does not say things like her instead of she her communication skills are way above normal.. just saying.. you can not discipline her and not explain why it is wrong and when she understands she wont do it again.. She is an advanced kid on a real tip all that is truth full Lydiah is a very smart child.. And I am proud to call her my daughter by choice her and I choose to love each other she is only my step kid but it is more beautiful than only … Cause by choice she excepted and loves me because she wants to not cause she has me ...


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