Tires run a muck !!

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Ha ha what the world needs is a good laugh.. I tell u what,, I love life.. In my video blog of the day I am visiting my dad at the graveyard he is at .. It came to pass that we needed tires for our car.. For a rich person or one with credit its not that big of a deal but for us we have a credit card that is maxed out and no money so we had to get it from my wife’s family.. Mine paid for our other stuff.. But we are hurting ( the poor and middle class) and what is being done ? Nothing but raised taxes on gas and these ppl in government wanting to cut funding rather than raise taxes on the ones that can afford it THE RICH WHY SHOULD WE SUFFER they can pay more taxes and they would not even notice but 10 dollars hurts me and I have a 3 year old to feed
just saying…

There is a homeless man  that was in the paper for being homeless, he was in the store when I was in there with my child ( step kid but ya know ) and he was holding the paper up and being all blah blah blah.. well he needed a couple of dollars so he got it .. I was speaking to him being nice and all but when I was walking home he was behind my daughter and I … I did not like that cause he was up to something.. I would have killed him if he tried something like robbing us after I was nice to him.. I know he was thinking something.. So Lydiah and I acted like we were jogging.. and I picked Lydiah up and jogged then I was in the light and waited to see if it was him cause a I had just heard his voice calling me and I new it was him and it was.. So Lydiah and I stayed hidden and I took her home ..

It worries me because I would have cut his throat if he would have cause my step daughter any kind of negative vibes y him being violent.. that was the first time I have been scared in a long time.. I was worried about Lydiah’s well-being

Anyway here is the link to the video on my blog now if you do not see it scroll down and look for it I have it labled .. The video is on my google plus page since i can not embed it on here ( this sentence is the link silly goose ) 


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A cry for attention I think so Young kids and suicide just today…:-P

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