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What can you do .. We deal with what we are handed .. That is life..  No video blog today for me.. I was not feeling to well today because I missed my dose for my methadone.. It builds in your body so I was not like super sick but I was not feeling to good.. No matter if my blogs bring the government any idea’s to make the poor’s life better or at least see that we struggle .. Even if it does not let the police or people like that see an x con can make it or that he is making an effort.. If they never notice but I helped one just one person than my mission was worth it..

I needed prison it made me better , it made me be able to deal with ignorance better than I would have.. My ethics concerning just about everything has improved..I see that life style is really a joke.. I mean not for some ppl but I felt like a  joke because drug dealing is not my thing it does not fit me.. It is not me and when u are not who u are YOU ARE A FOOL PLAIN AND SIMPLE A FOOL .. I learned that if u are not being you than you are a fool a damn fool.. I do not know what I could do to help anyone but JAH knows.. I would really like to do his work I really do.. I just know not what it is for me to do.. But JAH does and I trust in him. I believe that there is a job in JAH for me and I am lead to write so maybe he will use this talent in blogging to get his work out there ..

ANYWAY I feel like people are stealing papers from where we deliver cause they say we had people we missed when a good deal of the time I remember delivering there.. The things I miss about being in the drug game is excitement.. It was a cat and mouse game and I loved it.. I was good at it.. But I lost a couple times and I had to stop playing. The times I lost I lost big so I can not go back I’d be history if I got in trouble again.. It took the police a long time an dthan it was the oher county that got me by a damn mishap but It is what it is and I have a life that I would not give up for anything even to know I could sell drugs and never ger caughty I would keep my life now….


take a look at this articale  at the bottom its good !!


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Tires run a muck !! In a year

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