Stay the F out than !!!

January 26, 2012 at 3:39 am 1 comment

You have all these dumb people complaining about prison , but they keep going back. They are the fools that make laws tougher .. The same one’s that say OO they do this and that to us in prison I say stay the F out dumy … That is what my latest video blog is about .. Well I have another one right here that is just a little of me speaking on something just having fun…click on this sentence to watch it its just a fun one .. But back to the point..Prison is punishment not club MED..  The things that go on in prison suck.. But when you get out and turn around and do things that put you in jeopardy of going back than YOU ARE AN IDIOT .. It is stupid to just keep doing the same things over and over again..  Plus your hurting your family by going back and your life is being sucked away .. I know what the deal is though and I did not touch on this in the video part which is right here    ( LINK TO STAY THE F OUT THAN )   but some ppl love prison .. YEAH they love it there I am not talking about old guys that their family has died since they been there but younger guys… You see they love it there because at home in the FREE WORLD they have to fend for them-selves.. With eating and smoking and they don’t have a good life in the street.. They would rather be in prison than free.. They can get a little job , they have free health care and dentist care they are fed .. On the streets they are getting hi they are broke and hungry.. They have no structure so they fail, in prison they have that structure.. In prison they are somebody on the street they are trash..  It is sad but true.. They make friends there and just don’t want to leave.. Some of the Gang members just love that Environment they have power in prison and most get in the gangs in prison so at home they are back to being a no body !!!  And they are the ones complaining the most.. You know why they say it themselves ” This is my home   and “I’m a grown ass man ” but are they !! ??? they need someone ( the prison system ) to take care of them.. So that is why they complain they know they are coming back or never leaving 



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In a year Snitching really !!

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  • 1. sandrabranum  |  February 2, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Thanks for the insight Wisdom.


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