Snitching really !!

January 29, 2012 at 11:00 pm Leave a comment

I just made a blog on snitching which I think is lower than thieving because you are not taking responsibility for your own actions you are getting somebody else in trouble for personal gain.. Now even lower than a snitch is what I was speaking about in my video blog..  A LIEING SNITCH And a lieing snitch is a person who makes something up tells someone in authority the lie to get you in trouble, lose your job , or simply make you look bad..  My wife and I crossed one of these idiots in our work and that is what my video blog SNITCHING  is all about .. Now as an x con  i can not stand a tattle tale I even teach my step daughter about that.. Take responsibility for your own actions.. I really have a great life with moments of struggle.. Do u know that struggles make u stronger.. The lord JAH lets me go through times of hardship to teach me things .. or to test .. I lean on him.. Did you know that it is more important to lean on JAH when things are good than bad.. Yeah cause that shows you love him not just need him.. The blog is kind of boring cause I just rant about adumb ass guy that tried to steal my route .. In my past and if i was in prison even though i am a great man of God I would have stabbed that guy for what he did but I can not here free but let me tell you I may be  a man of God but God knows we will never be perfect so he wants us to strive for balance not perfection .. I would have tried to kill him cause by doin g what he did free to my wife and I if he would have done that locked up and I did not react I would have been labled a punk and I would have had a terrible time.. IN PRISON I WOLD HAVE CUT HIS THROAT  THAT IS WHY THIS BLOG IS IMPORTANT … AND CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE IT    LINK 



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Stay the F out than !!! through my eyes

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