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30 January, 2012

Can you believe that it is almost February .. I have been out a little over one year .. The last time it was only 76 days before I had gotten arrested again.. Life is like that sometimes … Things change with lessons learned.. I am glad though that this time I tightened up and did the right thing.. What is the right thing though really what is it ? For me it is doing the righteous thing.. The path that cause the least pain for everyone involved.. You know the Golden Rule is the way I go..It just feels right inside and I know that JAH wants me to do good by people .. Not to harm anyone especially the poor sick and weak.. The meek another words… By doing that which is what I call the right thing I dwell in my higher being .. In what I beleive to be one aspect of the kingdom of JAH .. There is scripture about that … Go and buy the Gospel of Thomas .. It s not in all bible’s but It says that the kingdom is not a place but it is all around us all the time …..

I been
video blogging as well. I really enjoy it because I feel as though I am putting a bigger effort into getting what I think is a good message out there .. We are poor I am an X con trying to make it, hear our voices.. Not all people who were in prison are bad people .. I am not I am a man of the most high .. I would like to see me and mu people free from mental slavery.. I want my family to be happy.. Not with the happiness of the flesh but with spiritual happiness.. I really do not think that it is that hard to obtain.. once you start showing your neighbor true love than its like sports the more you practice the better you become at what ever you are playing.. With showing love it becomes a way of life and not the phony type you are used to seeing but true love.. You can still be your self and show love.. you can still joke around and be you but your heart is what changes .. For me when confronted with the choice to do wrong or what is right I can not help do what will not harm my neighbor ( physically or in spiritual ways ) .. Though sometimes I do hurt myself or the feelings of my wife.. But still .. Most times I do what is the best thing for this world today.. i am human and I do get angry and even revenge oriented but I still overcome those feelings in prayer .. Anyway people I hope all is well with you and till next time …DO ON TO YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE DONE NOT ONLY TO U BUT YOUR CHILDREN AS WELL…

I have always believed in RASTAFARI ( Father of Jesus ) I taught the service in prison.. Prison made me grow up and grow in my faith .. and I just feel as though there is more for me to do for JAH.. I do want to clear something up, and that is when talking of the Rasta way of life a lot of people think of weed smoking dread locked ppl.. Not all true.. The Rasta way of life does not revolve around getting high.. Ganja has it’s purpose but it is not by any means necessary … There is many different faiths that claim the Rasta way of life so some Rasta’s follow Jesus’s teachings and some just see Hailie Selassie as Jesus where others think he is JAH himself.. I hold true that he was a man a KING that brought the bible to Ethiopia ( to his people in the language of his ppl ) in other words he brought the word of JAH to his country … I also believe Jesus’s personality was in Selassie and I know he reopened King David’s thrown when Jesus returns ..  Just like the Christian  faith I believe that Jesus died for my sins and his teachings lead to the kingdom.. There is many differences in me and christians .. I feel they do not dig deep enough and that they are real naive and that they as a ppl push more ppl away from JAH than  they bring to him a lot of their thoughts on GOD is in my thoughts not correct kinda like them thinking that Jesus and JAH are one in the same .. READ the new testimate that should tell you the truth read the things Jesus says .. 

being an xcon it is harder to make it out in this world but I will not fail.. I like I said earlier and bringing my life to you .. You will see what I see literally and hear what I have to say about things..

To see A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN X CON DADDY  STRUGGLING TO MAKE IT than click the link below that says



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