Texting and Teens…. Good idea ?

February 11, 2012 at 5:36 pm Leave a comment

Judge Judy Sheindlin

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Just watching Judge Judy.. Which is kinda not by choice but now I am interested.. There is two teens fighting because the  now ppl will get mad but this is the facts  jealous fat girl decided to text the skinny but not to pretty girls BF and tell him that his gf kissed her brother …  Than that fat girl played the damn victim role when she got her butt kicked.. Claimed that she was bullied ,… REALLY If she did not have the phone for 1 this would not have happened so quick .. ( they could have thought it over if there was more time ) But really some teens and this ignorant fat one and stupid skinny one were 18 .. I thought old enough to handle the freedom of communication.. But I guess some not all of these kids can not handle it.. Are deaths soon to be or already associated with ignorant people texting nonsense to start trouble .. WHAT I AM SAYING IS PARENTS JUDGE YOUR KIDS WAYS BEFORE HANDING THEM A WEAPON .. YES NOW I SEE A CELL PHONE CAN BE A WEAPON.. I AM ONLY 33 AND I NOW SEE HOW DUMB KIDS AND I AM NOT FAR FROM ONE ( AGE WISE ) CAN BE    


Here is a Link to another Judge Judy where another jealous teen assaults a more popular one .. U BE THE JUDGE


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Dead beat dads !! Are Some Better off not any where to be found ? I say yes !!

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