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I really am having the worst block I ever had with my damn writing. I’d like to str8 up complain and go off about my step daughter‘s father who has been hitting her with a paddle when she poops her self    SHE IS 3 !!! AND IT IS A PADDLE.. This guy is so dumb and he thinks that my wife (who is the mother of his child ) is so stupid when in reality it is him that is stupid.. He even has that stupid look about him.. You guys know what I am speaking about.. But anyway when it comes to the children they are the future of Earth .. You have to cultivate your children like crops.. Reason being is you do not want a harvest that is rotten.. Same as a child. In this world words spoken are heard but actions are seen and we act more than speak. And kids are watching and they learn from you ..    You never win an argument with words because even if you prove yourself right there will be animosity because the other person may feel foolish so just go on with life and make sure that when that person is around your actions prove your point ..  I have to take my own advice. I get so frustrated to because i feel as though I am letting things take a back seat that I like to do such as writing. I also feel lazy because I have not been studing the word of JAH like I should and I can not stand that. And of course I have not been reading my fiction books. I get str8 up tired of my balance being screwy .. I love to write as well I know my thoughts can be interesting after all I been through a lot. Sometimes i feel like prison was easy at least I had time to read and study JAH’s word . I do have time now I just get tired and from my medicine my eyes get blurry and I nod out …Normally I do not get on and whine about things but I have to vent a little bit .. I do not want to say to much because I wouldn’t want to damage his name if it is a misunderstanding .. I always turn to the all-mighty even when things are going good. It is important that we keep a relationship with JAH because I believe we can hurt JAH .. He loves us and we go ignoring him when life is going good it hurts JAH I really believe that he does say he is a jealous GOD so why can’t his feelings get hurt.. i will say this since I have been keeping faith and really wanting to do right I find that my desire to do wrong has disappeared .. I just can not do certain things that are evil …… Not saying I do not sin, it’s that I no longer care to plot wrong doing. I just can not !!!!


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