Who is this woman named wisdom ?

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jah shaka

jah shaka (Photo credit: anviss)

Every one wanna say how hard it is to make it in this hard hard world… All you need is wisdom to make it.. With her you KNOW  how you can support your family.. You KNOW which people to associate  with and which one’s you can not help.. It would be wise though to try and help everyone but there is an art to helping someone without damaging yourself.. And the  teacher of that art WISDOM … The ancient texts refer to wisdom as a woman like she was always around even before Adam… Wisdom is the female companion of JAH  the Father.. !! Not his lover but his companion like a best friend.. After all Earth must  be his wife he made his sons and daughters by breathing life into dust which is part of Earth, right.. Hence the phrase aaa yes Mother Earth !! You see the Rasta man dig deep huh .. Makes sense but why does the christian preacher hide this from  you ?? Control of the people  is why..And really this does not affect your salvation but knowledge is power and to control the people they can not have to much power ya dig … ?? Think about this when was the last time the preacher told you something while preaching and you actually went and made sure he was speaking the truth about it.. ?? When my problems arise i always call upon the most HIGH JAH … Through the high priest and the son of YAH ( JAH ) I and you as well may speak to JAH .. Some he speaks back to through YESHUA .. ( JESUS )  others he only listen but helps them in a different ways maybe answering prayers things of that nature .. When YAH speaks back that is something not to be shared in words with others ( for me anyway) I feel like I am tempting JAH maybe bragging or even being kind of cocky so I keep it to myself unless telling the wife something.. I must realize that I am just a follower of the most HIGH and must keep that in mind , he is not going to let me hurt to long .. In the same aspect remembering that suffering brings about things even answers to prayers.. We have to lose something to gain something .. . Whether it be time money a lesson learned we suffered or lost something every time we gained just thing about that one .. YAH will never put to much on you never forget that and when you come through your trial and tribulation  you are stronger and have gained knowledge wisdom and felt or gained some JAH love .. 


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She is Gone :-(

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