She is Gone :-(

February 27, 2012 at 5:52 pm

27 February, 2012
Well I moved out of the house the wife and I shared .. It is not the fault of us that things are the way they are and for an x con , I am used to change like moving from one prison to another I guess.. I just feel as though my heart is okay.. Like I know that it is not over… but is it ? I miss the both of them a lot. I talked to Lydiah ( my step daughter ) yesterday and it was the hardest phone conversation I had since I had to tell my g-Dad that I was locked up again..
Now being an x con you would think ( because of stereotypes) that I would turn right back into a drug using fool but no that is not where I am going.. Not gonna do the old one addiction for another deal.. I am just going to better myself. it is hard prison has done something to me kinda positive in this case real positive but in the same way negative. I do not care to go back though I know I could handle it and that my friend is most x- cons down fall . But because I do not want to hurt my family and frankly I am liking my freedom. As an X con I wanted to tare that house slam on up.. I wanted to break her little nick knacks say mean things in a letter u know the whole 9.. But I do not like hurting feelings I have nothing bad to say about her and My family loves me and that would hurt them to know that I was a fool or my anger created a fool. So I just prayed for her and her child .. Sounds lame but as a Rasta the wisdom and knowledge I have earned goes a long way.. Knowing that by doing right I not only prove my heart to my self but it builds higher self Character .When you do wrong you lose something inside your self it becomes harder to do right.. Things are viewed by your self differently hard to believe but it is true.. I know not how to feel or act.. I just let JAH JAH guide me through YESHUA AKA JESUS ..
A lot of things in life is the almighty teaching you things and watching ( per say ) to see how you handle things just remember trials and tribulations are wisdom builder if you let them.. They can also cause you harm if you make the wrong choices . Best part is you know what choice to make …
People I do this blog because through my pain and struggles I hope to help someone .. I have never hurt as bad as I do without my Cara so when I learn something I hope you do too and maybe just maybe I did help someone …


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