All About The X Con Daddy

I am from an island called Cape Hatteras I live in Maryland now with my wife who I met on-line .. I just got out of prison in January of 2011 and now I am a step daddy to a wonderful 3-year-old girl..

In this Blog I will be writing about all the adventures I get into .. All this is seen through the eyes of a man trying to regain his life after years in prison.. One day I got tired of being on trouble and decided to stop being a person that I was not and be me .. It was 2009 when I had been released from prison the first time and I had this awesome ( and when I say awesome I really mean stupid )  to sell heroin again Being a drug addict for so many years it was all i knew was drugs and how to make a living with those incorporated..  Well I got busted again and that is when I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted drugs to run my life.. And the person writing this , the step daddy, and the husband  is what happened when I took a negative thing from my life 

I hope you enjoy reading about my life as much as I enjoy living it


I am no longer with my wife.. Not because of any thing her or I did but because she has to get some issue worked out with her child and I have to give them space to do this .. So I am an x con just trying to do right and make it.. I will be blogging a lot of my thoughts and adventures that happen to me .. You know there will be a lot of things going on since I live in the good old city now , there will be things that i see and have deep thoughts about.. Like being poor and how the poor keep getting well stepped on time and time again.. Like the mass transit system in Baltimore sucks and people are losing jobs because it is never on time !! Well keep reading my dog Puppy and I are sure to keep u entertained and in the same manner thinking about what is really going on in this world .. Thanks and keep me in your prayers that i will succeed in this story we call LIFE !!!


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  • 1. Eric Alagan  |  December 27, 2011 at 1:17 am

    Hello buddy,
    I am nominating you for the “The Versatile Blogger Award”
    Check it out: Written Words Never Die >
    Eric Alagan


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